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Jabra SP500 review

First Looks: Jabra SP500

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A Jabra Anywhere

A Jabra Anywhere

The Jabra SP500 is the newest addition to the Jabra family of Bluetooth products. It is however not just another shot at the traditional though. The Jabra SP500 is a portable Bluetooth speakerphone ideal for use in the car, office, and home. With its functionality and style, the Jabra SP500 is perfectly poised for wireless communicating.

BIGGER Can Be Better

At first glance, this speakerphone does come across as somewhat of a handheld device. But don't let its bulk turn you off just yet because the large honeycomb-like speaker, thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate plastic material together with its gray and dark gray finish do give the Jabra SP500 a different visual feel than most gadgets of similar function. The boom microphone for instance, can be swiveled around, resulting in clearer conversations without the usual lapses commonly found in mobile phones with built-in speakerphone. A lone call/end button is built right in front of the speakerphone, thereby enabling users to start/end calls easily.

There is also a mute button, a volume control wheel, and a dedicated Bluetooth pairing button for fast connection to mobile phones. Besides this, the Jabra SP500 comes with two 1.2V AA nickel metal hybride (NiMH) rechargeable battery that can be swapped with your own rechargeable batteries in case the supplied batteries conk out. Finally, the Jabra SP500 comes with a metal sun visor clip and a metal suction cup clip that can easily be installed to your car. The metal suction cup clip is the better option though since this allows users to install the SP500 right in front of the windshield.


The Jabra SP500 is very easy to use. Once fully charged, users can immediately pair it with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

The multi-function button also provides voice-dial, last number redial, reject call, hold, and call wait features. It has packs digital sound enhancement capability via DSP (Digital Signal Processing), which automatically increases or decreases the speaker volume according to background noise levels. For even clearer conversations, the microphone has a noise-canceling feature to ensure quality voice pick-up during calls.

With an operating range of up to 30 feet, the SP500 commands a clear coverage advantage over many competing models by offering that much more outdoor wireless convenience for you. For indoor environments such as your office, simply switch to office mode and the SP500 will automatically determine the best sound sensitivity it needs to use for optimal speaker and microphone performance.

It Just Keeps Going

Portable wireless devices are only as good as the battery life they provide and much to our delight, the talk time of the Jabra SP500 nearly clocked an impressive 20-hour with standby time rated up to 480 hours or the equivalent of 20 days. On that basis, one can soundly rest assured that buying the SP500 is not equivalent to frequent charging, which is really good news considering the fact that most mobile phones don't even last this long. But just in case the battery drains out unexpectedly, there is a travel AC adaptor packed in and a car charger is all you need to keep the Jabra SP500 up and running once more.

Final Thoughts

Although on the bulky side, the Jabra SP500 compensates well with its good build quality, ergonomic boom microphone and speaker output, enhanced call features, and long-lasting battery life. All said and done, the Jabra SP500 speakerphone is a great alternative to many Bluetooth headsets that are available in the market today.