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Jabra Extreme review

First Looks: Jabra Extreme

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First Looks: Jabra Extreme

Quaint Conversations

As noise cancellation becomes one of the standard features on mobile devices, it's no surprise that we see it being implemented on Bluetooth headsets such as the Jabra Extreme.

The Jabra Extreme takes a minimal approach to its design, with only four physical and well integrated buttons. A small slider at the bottom acts as the on/off switch, with the volume buttons nestled in between an outcropping call/answer button. A small adapter is included which connects the Jabra Extreme to any USB port. More importantly, we liked how the adapter can be angled at 90 degrees and turns into a headset holder that links up to the car charger via the same USB port.

There are two ways to equip the Jabra Extreme - via the usual earhook, or its Ultimate-fit Eargel mold. The latter is a smaller earhook that latches onto the arch above your earlobes. Besides the obvious prodding and multiple attempts to get the eargels fitted in, the Jabra Extreme did get a firm grip once we got the hang of it.

Clear as Crystal

Within the Jabra Extreme are two separate microphones that are the basis for its noise cancellation feature. Dubbed as Noise Blackout Extreme, the updates include an automatic volume control which compares the environment and conversation volumes. Venturing out into the streets, the volume control worked as expected.

But as the ambient noise levels increase, it got progressively harder to hear the other party. Our voice, however, was transmitted quite clearly, and ambient noises were effectively eliminated.

Final Thoughts

Lasting for more than three days of mixed usage, the Jabra Extreme made up for good call time with decent audio control for both the calling and receiving party. As such, if it's a dedicated hands-free headset you're looking for, consider the Jabra Extreme, priced at a mid-range S$128.

Specifications of the Jabra Extreme
Bluetooth compliance Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Supported Bluetooth profiles Bluetooth Headset (version 1.1) and Hands-free profiles (version 1.5)
Operating range 10 meters (33 feet)
Talk time Up to 5.5 hours
Standby time Up to 10.5 days
Dimensions 47 x 18.5 x 27.5mm
Weight 10g