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i.Tech ClipMusic 802 Bluetooth Stereo Headset review

First Looks: i.Tech ClipMusic 802 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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Enjoying the Blues

Enjoying the Blues

i.Tech's ClipMusic series has always been targeted at the more practical crowd. Foregoing aesthetics in favor of practicality, the i.Tech ClipMusic 802 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the ClipMusic 801, with a few minute differences.

Less Wires, More Convenience

Like the ClipMusic 801, the ClipMusic 802 has a 3.5mm audio port to plug in your preferred earphones or headphones. Basic navigation is done via three buttons on the surface, which are also used to receive a call or switch to your next track.

New to the ClipMusic 802 is the FM receiver, which saves up to nine preset stations. Scanning through the stations is simply done by holding onto the forward or back buttons. Identifying the station, however, requires you to be familiar with the stations' content since there isn't any indicative LED to display the current frequency. Furthermore, you'll need to ensure you're in an area with no radio interference to get the correct scans.

Of Sound Quality

Audio quality might not be the best for its FM receiver, and we can't fault it since this is location-dependent. However, we were pleased with how the music sounded over the A2DP connection. Streaming our usual test tracks from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, we were greeting with average audio quality. In essence, the music felt flat and lacked the bass levels that you get on dedicated earphones or headphones.

Its primary function, that of a Bluetooth headset for calls, came with glitches in voice quality. On a crowded street, voice quality from both parties were distinctively clear. As we moved underground within the subway, static and voice drops came into the picture and disrupted the experience.

The ClipMusic 802 lived up to its specifications with up to at least 5 hours of music playback on a full charge. The same full charge lasted us for more than a day's worth of usage, with three hours of music and FM radio usage and up to thirty minutes of talk time.

Final Thoughts

To cut a long story short, the i.Tech ClipMusic 802 is a worthy successor to its predecessor. Truth is, it might not appeal to those who seek for a slim and sleek headset. But consider this: for $98, you get a Bluetooth headset jam-packed with practical features and an average audio quality for both calls and music. That should be all you need for a basic Bluetooth headset.