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i.Tech Clip D-Radio Bluetooth Stereo Headset review

First Looks: i.Tech Clip D-Radio Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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Driving the Blues Away

Driving the Blues Away

Taking the cue from its successful first generation Clip Radio Bluetooth headset, i.Tech has built upon the winning formula and now introduces its second iteration of its i.Tech Clip D-Radio Bluetooth headset with a few spruces on its specification front.

Clip and Connect

To state the obvious, the Clip D-Radio's naming convention is a dead giveaway about its petite clip design, which allows one to easily attach the base unit to your bag strap or any other suitable surfaces. Interestingly, the Clip D-Radio utilizes an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen for display purposes and which includes track information, caller-ID notification and a battery indicator. Accompanying the OLED screen is the five-way navigation pad that includes the standard Forward and Back keys, a Play/Pause button at the bottom and finally a dedicated button for FM Radio/Voice Commander access. Located at the rear of the device is a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB charging port for direct to PC charging purposes.

Two Plus Point One

As one of the first Bluetooth headsets to utilize the latest Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR Class 2 connection, the Clip D-Radio does not disappoint with its audio clarity. With both music and voice functions activated, the Clip D-Radio had no tinny quality to its voice functionality, aided in part by its DSP technology with CVC echo and noise cancellation features. Passing through high-noise areas along the streets and on public transportation, conversation was clear for both parties, though heading into tunnels presented us with a slight amount of static. As for its range, the Clip D-Radio got cut off at slightly less than 10 meters, which could be affected by walls and other obstructions separating the Clip D-Radio from its paired device.

Doubling as a Bluetooth stereo headset, A2DP profile is supported on the Clip D-Radio and this will be a boon to any user wishing for a wireless connectivity to their Bluetooth enabled devices. Alternatively, with its integrated FM receiver, you can opt for a FM transmitter and tune to the respective frequencies for devices without Bluetooth connectivity.

Even with the bundled 3.5mm earpiece, the Clip D-Radio manages to deliver a solid audio experience, though obviously you won't get a state-of-the art audio experience. Battery performance is of no issue here, with the Clip D-Radio lasting for up to 7 hours as stated in its specification sheet. This is unsurprising due to the power saving features of the OLED display.

Final Thoughts

Do not be mistaken in thinking that the i.Tech Clip D-Radio is just a Bluetooth headset with an integrated FM receiver. Winning our hearts with the inclusion of its 3.5mm audio output for a variety of audio peripherals and an easily attachable clip form factor, the Clip D-Radio presents a truly hands-free solution for a sweet price of S$169.