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iFrogz EarPollution NervePipes review

First Looks: iFrogz EarPollution NervePipes

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Listening in Style

Listening in Style

No longer are headphones considered purely tech gadgets that must be in silver or black. In recent years, they have been doubling up as fashion accessories for a style-conscious crowd that's obsessed with gadgets that look spiffy and funky. And that's where the iFrogz EarPollution NervePipes fits in.


Stylo "Milo"

At a superficial glance, the NervePipes looks tacky and bluntly put, rather cheap-looking. With a predominantly plastic body, the headphones aren't exactly what you would call a sturdy extension to a music player especially if you, like us, haphazardly throw your headphones in your bag, along with other belongings.

The particular design that we managed to get our hands on was the Pink Butterfly, one that was obviously geared towards the fairer and dare we say, younger sex: the butterfly motifs and pink body fit right into the Barbie doll 'look' (in fact, it often feels and looks like a toy).

However, males don't have to worry as the NervePipes is also available in 13 other less feminine designs. There are further customization options available and you can choose from a vast library of designs for six component pieces.

Features and Performance

iFrogz has turned an otherwise bulky accessory to a convenient and compact one. The headphones are collapsible and can fold down to one-third of its original size for easy stowing. It is also expandable, making it a versatile accessory for children and young adults alike. However, it sorely lacks a safety lock for keeping the changes in desired length in check, which sometimes results in the headphones running amok on its own.

The cushions placed below the headband provide comfort and proper grip. Gone are the days when headsets are prone to slipping intermittently off one's head.

However, the sound quality is not exactly at an optimum level here. While the headphones performed just slightly above average, the bass and vocals were weak enough that most rock and dance tracks we tested sounded relatively flat. It is also not noise-canceling - even at mid-volume, we were still able to hear our fingers tapping on the keyboard.

Final Thoughts

Keeping in mind that the iFrogz EarPollution NervePipes' main selling point is the thorough and engaging customization options (in this age and era, individuality comes at a price) that are available online, one will be better off purchasing the NervePipes off iFrogz's official website. If you are willing to trade in sound for style, that is, and who are we to say otherwise?