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Handii Go10 Tablet PC review

First Looks: Handii Go10 Tablet PC

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First Looks: Handii Go10 Tablet PC

The Handy Tablet

Tablets are all the rage these days thanks to the iPad. And it's safe to say that the iPad has set a pretty high benchmark for all tablet devices. Handii is an Australian company that believes in bright ideas and this philosophy is personified in its Go10 Tablet PC, which we will be taking a look at today.

Well Equipped Warrior

The Handii Go10 is a 10.2-inch touchscreen-operated tablet PC powered by an Intel Atom N270 processor with 1GB of RAM (upgradeable to 2GB) and a 160GB hard disk. It has a resistive touchscreen, and unlike some other touchscreen tablets, it runs Windows 7 Professional, which means it gets all the touchscreen niceties that Windows has specially implemented for easier operation, such as handwriting recognition and larger icons and buttons.

And while it may only be a tablet, it is certainly not lacking in features. The Handii Go10 has a built-in memory card reader, three USB ports, an integrated 1.3-megapixel web camera, and even an embedded 3G SIM card reader for 3G connectivity on the go.

All in all, in terms of specifications, the Handii Go10 is certainly impressive, easily rivaling that of netbooks, and it seems to be capable of doing it all.

Mixed Reactions

While the paper specifications of the Handii Go10 certainly got us excited, we had mixed feelings after experiencing the tablet.

The resistive touchscreen can only register one input at a time (no multi-touch), which means you have to carefully type one key at a time to ensure that the Go10 registers your input correctly. This makes typing on the tablet a rather tiresome affair. That aside, the sensitivity of the screen wasn't the best, leaving us no choice but to use the stylus, which we feel, defeats the purpose of a touchscreen tablet in the first place.

The Handii Go10 is also a tad on the heavy side. 1kg on paper doesn't feel like much, but you'll feel the Go10's considerable weight if you were to try holding it with one hand. It's a bit thick to boot too. Battery life is also rather poor, with Handii rating it at 2.5 hours but you're more likely to end up with around two hours or less of actual usage.

In light of these issues, the Handii Go10 really feels like a netbook trapped inside a tablet form factor. In its attempt to provide the full functionality of a netbook with all the connectivity and ports options, Handii has made the Go10 just a shade too big for its own good. While we certainly welcome the plentiful USB ports, memory card reader and integrated 3G connectivity, these features have also made the Go10 bloated and probably not as portable or mobile as it could have been.

Final Thoughts

The Handii Go10 is a decent attempt at a tablet PC by the Australian company. With its integrated web camera, 3G connectivity, triple USB ports, it certainly has all bases covered, but in doing so, the Go10 ends up being not as handy as its name suggest. To succeed in this category, it has to be lighter, slimmer and have a more sensitive touchscreen.