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eGear iWALK Portable iPod & iPhone Battery Charger review

First Looks: eGear iWALK Portable iPod & iPhone Battery Charger

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Keeping the 'i' Going

Keeping the 'i' Going

The biggest annoyance boils down to the smallest of things: everyone gets irritated when they are out and their gadgets' batteries goes flat, especially so for mobile and multimedia devices. Often, buying a spare battery is expensive while carrying one can be inconvenient (sometimes there's not even such an option), and seeing that it is device-specific, and likely to become obsolete when you move on to the next-gen gadgets, perhaps not the best move. This is where portable chargers fit right in. In recent years, due to the increasingly mobile nature of our lives, the demand for portable chargers has risen accordingly. We take a look at one such charger from iGear.

Small and Handy

The iWALK is extremely small and light, and comes with a thin strap that allows you to accessorize your mobile device or bag. For those not too comfortable with the idea of decoration, you can easily slip it in your jeans pocket. Yes, it is that small. We like that it resembles a small electronic shaver, with a predominantly black glossy body. It is a simple contraption really - armed with a strip of LED indicators and a cover that once taken off, reveals Apple's proprietary charging port. The iWalk is compatible with the iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod nano, iPod classic and also, the iPod touch.

Charging your "i"

At the back of the charger, you can find a mini-USB port where you can simply plug in the supplied USB cable to charge. We took it for a dry run and found out that the device fully charges within 2 hours, and managed to fuel a dead iPod classic to full battery and an iPhone to about 50% before finally dying from that single charge.There are two LED indicators that will show the estimated amount of remaining battery life, and another that turns blue when it has been completely charged. 

Closing Thoughts

And that's about it for the iWalk. It's a plug-and-charge device that's extremely portable and does its job pretty well, clocking a substantial amount of extra mileage for the average on-the-go user. The only real question here is: do you really need it when the chargers for Apple products are already rather portable? If you are the sort who likes to be well prepared for every and any circumstance, then we suppose putting aside $65 for the iWalk is a no-brainer.