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Edifier Luna 5 iPod Docking Station review

First Looks: Edifier Luna 5 iPod Docking Station

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La Luna

With the widespread popularity of Apple's iPods and iPhones, docks for these Apple devices are naturally popular as well. This is not without good reason. Mainly, these docks allow music to be played directly from these devices, while at the same time charge their batteries. The best of both worlds, we say.

However, not just any dock will do. A dock for an Apple product must be aesthetically compatible. In short it must also look good. On that note, the Edifier Luna 5 certainly looks like it's up to the job. But is there more underneath that futuristic façade? We investigate.

Lunatic Looks

The exterior of the Luna 5 will divide opinions. Some will think it looks totally radical, while others will find it resembling an overgrown fungus. Personally, we like it. Lacquered in black, it's a pretty large piece of gadgetry that will easily command the attention of those who lay eyes on it. Since the Luna 5 doubles as a FM radio there's also a funky retro looking display which shows information like frequency and volume level. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the buttons on it are touch sensitive and will emit a soothing red glow when the Luna 5 is turned on.

In any case, those familiar with Bowers and Wilkins will immediately notice a resemblance to their mind-blowing Zeppelin speakers. This is not surprising once you realize that Edifier's Director of Research & Engineering was once an engineer with Bowers and Wilkins' Advanced RD&D division.

The Sound

In terms of looks, the Luna 5 is certainly a match for the sleekness of the iPods and the sexiness of the iPhone, but what about sound? Well, we are pleased to report the Luna 5 does respectably well thanks to its five speaker system consisting of two tweeters, two midrange drivers and a woofer.

Our only gripe however, is that the music felt dull and distant from the Luna. This is most apparent on tracks such as Adele's 'Melt My Heart to Stone' where vocals are the focus. The end result is a marked lack of intimacy. Thankfully, the radical-looking docking station makes up for that with its deep and punchy bass, which is just about clean enough not to muddy the rest of the sound. We feel that the Luna 5 is probably more suited to dance tracks than soulful tunes and melancholic ballads. Overall, it sounds very decent.

Conveniently, the Luna 5 also comes with an Aux input and the necessary cables, so you can hook it up to just about anything.

Final Thoughts

While the Zeppelin from Bowers and Wilkins will easily cause a XXL-size crater in your wallet and then some, the Edifier is much kinder. At a recommended retail price of S$439, it is roughly half the price of the Zeppelin, and as such, is relatively good value for money. Sure, it remains pricey, but such docks are always a luxury and few other iPod/iPhone docks will look and sound as good.