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Edifier e1100 Multimedia Speakers review

First Looks: Edifier e1100 Multimedia Speakers

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A Classy Masterpiece

A Classy Masterpiece

A PC is incomplete without a set of speakers. In fact, it is quite hard to imagine games, music files, movies, and streamed videos being fun without the use of speakers. Companies selling speakers that cater to audiophiles are a dime a dozen, one of which is Edifier and with the new e1110, the company says users will get good aural experience.

That Complementary Look

Even before one powers up the e1100, one will be swept away by the smooth, sexy piano black finishing and avant-garde styling. As far as the e1100 is concerned, Edifier seems to have brushed up their industrial design. It's certainly very easy on the eyes and should easily complement any black or cleanly sculpted desktop computer system you might have on lying on your computer desk. Also easy is piecing the entire together. From unpacking to enjoying your first note with the system, the entire process will be over in a matter of minutes - thanks to the set of clearly labeled ports at the back of the subwoofer.

By its design alone, one should immediately come to an understanding that the subwoofer of the e1100 is meant to be anchored on tabletops alongside the satellite speakers. While this setup may seem daunting at first (due to running cables), we feel this arrangement is probably what most users will opt for granted the volume control is located on the subwoofer itself.

An Aural Thrill

With a power rating of 4.5W and 12W for the satellite speakers and subwoofer respectively, it's easy for anyone to quickly dismiss the e1100 as another 2.1 sound system with only looks to shout about. While true to a certain extent, it must be clarified that the e1100 is meant to be enjoyed in close proximity, which means it will only shine when it's right in front of you, in a manner of speaking.

That being said, the satellites worked well when they were not pushed to the envelope while the subwoofer managed its bassy end of the business decently when planted on tabletops. The latter is achieved via a clever reflection of low frequencies on any surface to create that boom box feel by having its 4.5-inch driver facing downwards. As for the satellites, both are magnetically shielded to avoid unwanted interference from nearby electrical devices such as mobile phones, for example.

Overall, the audio experience from the e1100 was not bad at all, considering the specifications and what the speakers were designed for.

Final Thoughts

The Edifier e1100 isn’t really designed for audio junkies but more for those who want a handsome-looking set of speakers and who happened to have a fair bit of space on their desks. For a set of multimedia speakers that can handle games, music and movies comfortably, there is not much else to challenge the classy Edifer e1100, especially when you band together considerations such as industrial design, price and audio quality.