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corega Bluetooth Headset (CG-BTHS03) review

First Looks: corega Bluetooth Headset (CG-BTHS03)

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One Headset for Mobile and VoIP Networks

One Headset for Mobile and VoIP Networks

In today’s society, users want gadgets that can multi-task. From mobile phones that allow users to listen to their favorite music, send e-mails and do video conferencing, to notebooks/desktop PCs that can handle input/output simultaneously, truly, users want to maximize what they have. corega, a well-known networking company in Japan, now introduces the corega Bluetooth 1.2 CG-BTHS03 headset, a device that functions not only as a wireless headset for mobile phones, but also a standalone headset that can be used for applications like Skype, MSN, and other IM programs.

Simply corega™

If there are two words to describe the corega Bluetooth CG-BTHS03 headset, it would be black and small (..really now!). The black finish of the headset, topped with its small form factor gives it a very simplistic look. Up front, users can see the corega logo and an LED indicator that gives off a red or blue light depending on the headset’s status. Users can find the volume control and the ear hook mount on the left side, while the mode button can be found on the right side of the headset. Right on top is the charging port with dual functions: Firstly, it allows users to charge the headset using either the bundled AC adapter or through a USB cable, and you can also 'jack' it into the neck strap, allowing users to flaunt their headset as a fashion accessory.

The Juggling Headset

The CG-BTHS03 allows products users to pair it up with their PDAs or their mobile phones as long as it has Bluetooth capabilities. The set supports Bluetooth 1.2 and GAP, HSP and HFP profiles. Synchronization is a snap: Once turned on, the headset emits a red and blue blinking pattern, signaling users that it is in pairing mode. Once paired, users can use the mode button of the headset to answer, end or reject calls.

The headset also supports last number redial and voice dialing, giving users more versatility. No problems were encountered during incoming and outgoing calls as voice transmissions were fairly clear, with no audible echo feedback heard at all throughout our usage.

One noteworthy feature of the corega headset is its capability to become a wireless audio headset for PCs or notebooks. After syncing the CG-BTHS03 to a notebook or PC (through Bluetooth of course), users can set the headset to be its default audio and recording device. Users can now use the device for Skype, MSN, Yahoo, and other software applications with VoIP connectivity. Users can also use the headset to listen to their favorite tunes, however, it’s not really recommended as audio playback using this device is of sub-par quality since it doesn't feature the Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) or even the General Audio/Video Distribution Profile (GAVDP), not to mention you'll only be getting monophonic audio.

Final Thoughts

Although it does not perform well at playing back music compared to other Bluetooth headsets in the market, the corega CG-BTHS03 Bluetooth headset does a commendable job as a wireless headset for various mobile phones and PDAs on the market and as a headset/mic for notebooks and PCs for VoIP other voice operated network conferencing. It promises a talk time of up to 8 hours with 240 hours of standby time and up to a 10m transmission range from the headset, giving users more freedom and mobility. Through it all, its simplicity, user-friendly interface, and its compatibility with a lot of Bluetooth units make this headset a remarkable small wonder.