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 Brother Quattro 6000D Sewing Machine review

First Looks: Brother Quattro 6000D Sewing Machine

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The Dream Machine

The Dream Machine

Surprised at seeing a sewing machine here? And no, it's not an April's Fool joke!

We confess: we're hardly the go-to site for sewing machines. But we had our eyes opened at the launch of the new Brother Quattro and thought we take a break from the usual gadgets to give you an update on what's happening in other worlds of tech.

As Easy as Pressing a Button

Made in conjunction with Brother's 100th year anniversary, the Quattro Innov-is 6000D is as hi-tech as anything we've seen. It has a 7 x 4.5-inch touch-screen LCD, but if that isn't for you, you can also attach a mouse via its two USB ports.

A third USB port, similar to a printer port, connects the Quattro to your computer, where you can download new designs in addition to the ones that come with the Quattro. These designs allow anyone - even clueless tailors like us - to embroider with just a simple push of a button. Just select the designs using the touch-screen, place your cloth and press a button. The Quattro goes to work, sewing it all out for you.

(Disney fans: the Quattro has up to 601 built-in embroidery designs including Disney characters to choose from. So you can finally make that Winnie the Pooh pouch you always wanted.)

Make your Own Designs

Built-in designs are great, but we really like to get out of templates. Brother includes its own software, PE-DESIGN 8, which lets you import your own pictures and turn them into Quattro embroidery-friendly designs. Then just export the design into Quattro and it'll stitch it for you. Just like Photoshop, but for cloth!

We don't see a lot of sewing machines around these pages, but the Brother Quattro really takes the cake. Besides the afore-mentioned features, the Quattro also has a built-in camera above the needle to give you a magnified view of the needle area on the LCD screen.

It also has 56 long-lasting LED lights surrounding the needle area so you can even sew in the dark.

The Rolls Royce of Sewing Machines

So yes, it's official: sewing machines now come with touch-screen LCDs, cameras and lots of LED lights. Unfortunately Brother doesn't list the processor and RAM in its specifications so we can't really tell you how much computing power it packs.

All these high-tech features come at a price. Targeted at avid crafters, hobbyists and aspiring entrepreneurs, the Quattro comes at a cool S$11,888 - quite a bit of spare change.

Despite the price, Brother Singapore revealed that since its soft launch almost a month ago, the company has already sold some units here, proving that there are some really serious crafters out there.

We suppose it's akin to getting a full-frame DSLR with a selection of prime lenses for keen photographers, a monster gaming rig with multiple screens for avid gamers or a high-end sound system for the serious audiophile. If sewing or embroidery is your passion, then the Brother Quattro will undoubtedly be the dream machine.