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Aztech 200Mbps HomePlug HL109E review

First Looks: Aztech 200Mbps HomePlug HL109E

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Simple Connections

Simple Connections

Unless you're an architecture geek and have designed your new home from the ground up with networking in mind, chances are that it's probably going to be a messy affair when you start dragging Ethernet cables from room to room, along with tons of angst from your significant other about the décor after everything is done.

Sure, you could set up a WiFi network rather easily nowadays, but old school style folks generally prefer to stick to the tried and trusted cable of yore. Besides, relying on WiFi networks for streaming content from a home server can often be a slow and frustrating affair. What's a geek to do then?

Enter the Aztech HomePlug HL109E, a device that takes away most of the hassle and fuss, while delivering the performance and features you require.

Show and Tell

As its name suggests, the HL109E works by plugging the device into any available wall power socket, before connecting either your ADSL or cable modem to it. Once that's done, just plug another HomePlug in another room (where your device is) and connect it to your PC or even a network-enabled TV. As you can see, it is pretty much idiot proof and there's no need to mess with cables or WiFi network settings at all.

Performance wise, the latest HL109E now supports speeds of up to 200Mbps with a range of up to 200m, so there shouldn't really be a problem for most homes (unless you live in a palace). Furthermore, the HL109E has Quality of Service (QoS) functionality present and dedicated to data, video and voice applications. While the HL109E actually works in a pair, Aztech is selling them individually, making it easier for users to purchase additional HomePlugs as opposed to forcing consumers to purchase them in pairs. Furthermore, additional HomePlugs can also be paired to the original one, basically turning your electrical network into one giant LAN web.

Plugging Home

With the Aztech HomePlug HL109E priced at S$99 each and the fact that you would have to pick up a pair at least, this will hurt your pocket somewhat. Though it may be a no-brainer product, being extremely easy to use and set up, one has to seriously weigh both the cost and effectiveness as compared to a wireless router. If cost is no issue, then the HL109E is probably the right kind of product for you.