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Aigo BT300 Portable Speakers review

First Looks: Aigo BT300 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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First Looks: Aigo BT300 Portable Speaker

Shaky Sound

Portable, wireless speakers come in many shapes and sizes. The Aigo BT300 stereo Bluetooth speaker has a cylindrical shape with a metallic grill covering the speaker driver at the top. Such is its form factor that if you were to leave it at the dinning table, your better half may easily mistaken for a salt or pepper shaker.

Design and Features

A glossy exterior gives the speakers a sleek and modern look. In addition, prospective buyers have various color schemes to choose from, such as the white version that we've, red, and black. The on/off/Bluetooth switch is located at the base, so it does not interfere with the minimalist design of the device.

The defining feature of the Aigo BT300 is its verifiably miniscule size. The speaker has a height of 51mm and a diameter of just 43mm. No one would have any problems carrying it around in their front shirt pocket. With regards to connectivity, the speaker is able to provide audio playback via either a 3.5mm line-in or Bluetooth transmission. Bluetooth 2.1 along with A2DP and AVRCP are supported.

Beside the 3.5mm jack also sit an LED indicator (to tell you which mode you're in) and a power jack (charging can be done via USB).


Leveraging on its cylindrical design to project sound, the Aigo BT300 paints a wide soundscape. While the speaker offers immense portability due to its small size, it is unable to overcome the technical limitations imposed by their design. Tracks with horn and wind instruments, such as the orchestral Fanfare for Louis, lacked the distinct timbre expected and sounded airy. It also did not handle bass very well, and suffered below par transient response when tested out with Elements of Life by Tiesto.

While the Bluetooth signal was steady during our testing, the battery runs out in about an hour when the function is in use. With Bluetooth off, you can squeeze about 2.5 hours. This means that the BT300 may not be the best option for those who cannot recharge it often.

Final Thoughts

If ultimate portability (say, for your travels) is your primary requirement and you're not looking for great sound, the Aigo BT300 fits the bill. Other than its size, the speaker does not have much going for it. By the way, eagle-eyed readers may also notice that it looks just like the Veho VSS-006-360BT. Battery life was also abysmally low, and sound quality was below par. For S$59, the Aigo BT300 is a stereo Bluetooth speaker packed in a super small shell; and that is about it.