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A4Tech X-750F Mouse review

First Looks: A4Tech X-750F Mouse

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Whether it’s practicing for hours each day, reading FAQs in various forums or planning and trying out tactics; Gamers will always be gamers; constantly finding different ways to be at the top their game. Most of them would say that the better the input device they own, the better they perform in virtual battle arena. The mouse is arguably the most pivotal input device all self-respecting gamer must have in their possession and unassuming pointing device needs to have a fast response time, an accurate sensor, and above all, help gamers stay ahead of the pack. A4Tech tries to address the needs of both gamers and non-gamers by introducing the X-750F, a laser mouse that aims to give hardcore gamers an upper hand over their opponents.

The Unfair Advantage

Although it has all the basic features of a regular mouse, A4 has injected efforts to throw in a couple of nifty features to its X-750F. On the left side of the mouse is a sculpted thumb support and a contoured grip that ensures comfort, stability, and avoids the mouse from slipping away in the heat of battles. There are also two side thumb buttons that are carefully positioned above the thumb support to aid in rapid inputs. And by the touch of a button that’s located below the scroll wheel, users can adjust their DPI (dots per inch) in real time from 600-800-1200-1600-2000 and 2500dpi without the need to access any 3rd party program.

The color change in tandem with prevailing DPI is another useful aid for gamers who want to adjust the mouse sensitivity within games. However, the party piece of this mouse is really the small discrete red button found just beside the left mouse button. Dubbed the “3xFire Button”, gamers can now finally have a single mechanical button that automatically serves up three commands into one click, which is perfect for execution of tactical scripts.

Competitive gamers will certainly fare better with this advantageous input feature, but even non-gamers will quickly learn to appreciate the quick “firing” offered by the “3xFire Button” because files and applications can be programmed and opened in instant succession. Finally, four Teflon feet underneath the mouse provide smooth mouse movement to facilitate pinpoint accuracy.

The X-750F uses a gaming-grade laser engine that promises 2500 DPI at 7,080 FPS, image-processing speed of 6.4 mega pixels per second, and a maximum accelerating speed of 45 inches/second. The mouse driver, called the Smart X-7, enables users to manually adjust the x/y axis sensitivity levels. It also gives users a massive input flexibility by offering 58 different functions for the mouse buttons in addition to a complete keyboard simulation that works to recreate single or combinational key commands. Lastly, through a high-speed USB connection, the X-750F is eight times faster than conventional mice, providing users with the fastest response time as technically possible.

Final Thoughts

Due to its unique ergonomic design for the thumb support, the X-750F might not be well received by left-handed users. However, its solid construction, well-placed buttons, adjustable DPI (scalable to 2,500 DPI), programmable buttons, and a “3xFire” button, the X-750F will make it easy for even first-time users to start “mousing” with confidence in both gaming and Windows environments. Gamers, specifically, will have an even easier time mowing down their opponents to increase their gaming proficiency in the quickest possible time - just don’t reveal this killer mouse to your opponents though, as doing so would disclose the secret to your gaming prowess.