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Dell XPS 730 Desktop review

Extreme Performance: Dell XPS 730 Desktop

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Extreme Deliverance

Extreme Deliverance

So you've seen its sleek exterior but what's really cool so far about it? Well, for a start, it's shiny and bright, even more so than the usual XPS lineup. It has got bright LEDs that you can adjust the colors, which absolutely scream of overdose. There are also plenty of air vents for circulation on the front bezel, which leads us to our next point, the noise. It's probably the first thing that you'll notice when you start up the XPS 730, as it begins with an alarmingly loud gust of air which subsides barely to an airport runway-like hum that never quite stops being irritating.

With hardware this good, it's only logical that you'll want your games rendered at maximum resolution and this is where the Dell 27-inch UltraSharp widescreen LCD monitor comes in. If our eyes were to be believed, images were crisp and clear (it's a S-PVA panel after all) and the native resolution of 1920 x 1200 together with its sizable dimensions bring on so much screen realty that we initially felt lost as to where to keep our eyes focused on. Sadly though, this 27-incher doesn't seem to be available on Dell's local website when you purchase the XPS 730 and the closest we could find for system configuration is the 24-inch and 30-inch UltraSharp models.