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Dell XPS 730 Desktop review

Extreme Performance: Dell XPS 730 Desktop

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An Extreme Time

An Extreme Time

The recent downturn of the economy has probably changed (at least temporarily) the spending habits of tech consumers. Instead of being an early adopter, some consumers have taken a wait and see attitude when it comes to the latest gadgets. For those unaffected (or maybe they just don't really care), then we suggest getting that wallet out to do some hardcore digging, because we'll be looking at the massive goodness that comes from Dell, the XPS 730 fully-decked gaming machine.

As part of Dell's Xtreme Performance Systems (XPS) line up, the Dell XPS 730 is probably as extreme as one can get if one's willing to spend an almost obscene amount of dough for its specs and our review unit stocks the most expensive upgrades that can be customized for this model. While newer XPS 730x models are Intel Core i7 flavored, they aren't available locally yet, though you can order yours from either the US site or the Hong Kong site but be prepared to pay a massive amount for shipping due to its enormous weight.

Putting the newer XPS 730x aside, the existing XPS 730 is still available and delivers top-notch performance based on its specifications, and our souped up review unit is no different. Just check out the specs... and be sure to collect your drool on your way to the next page.