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Epson EB-1775W Business Projector review

Epson EB-1775W Business Projector - Light and Lighter

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Speed Test

Speed Test

Epson EB-1775W Start-up[1] & Shutdown Timings
Criteria Timing (in seconds)
First Image Appears[2] 6.4
Desktop Appears[3] 14.4
Projector Fully Ready[4] 43.7
Full Shutdown[5] 4.4

According to Epson, the EB-1775W's start-up time should take less than 7.2 seconds (yes, they're that specific). We did get the first image in about 6.4 seconds, which is a tad faster than the claim. However, that's not the entire story. At this 6-second mark, what we got was an image of the Epson logo. The first glimpse of the computer's screen was about eight seconds later. In essence, the audience can only see your screen about 14 seconds after you hit the projector's power button. To put things into perspective, we consider 14 seconds to be an above average speed. We've came across business projectors that took about ten seconds to show the computer's screen. But there were also a few who took close to half a minute. Note that you can also configure the projector to turn on automatically when the power cable is plugged in (Extended Menu -> Operation -> Direct Power On).

It's important to note that the timings we've just mentioned are usually achievable if you're powering up the projector from a "cold" state. For example, turning the projector on for the first time after taking it out from your carrying case. If you've already turned on the projector and need to turn it off and back on again (maybe you need to vacate the room and switch to another location), the time needed now to get a projected image may be different. In the case of the EB-1775W, during restarts, it took 42 seconds on average for the computer's screen to be projected. This longer timing is not exclusive to the EB-1775W. It happens on all projectors. The delay in an on/off/on situation is largely due to the projector taking precautions to ensure that a suitable temperature is reached.

A full shutdown (with fans off) can be achieved in as quick as 4.4 seconds. Of course, it might take longer if the projector has been used for a prolonged period of time; though we've not seen it gone past the 5-second mark during our time with it.

1. The time it took to power up the projector for first use. Timing started the moment we hit the power button. Each timing shown here is the average of three attempts; and each attempt was spaced at least 30 minutes apart from the other to ensure proper cool down. [<-]

2. The time it took to project the first image. Out of the box, this is usually the manufacturer's logo. [<-]

3. The time it took for the desktop to show up. [<-]

4. The time it took the projector to reach set brightness, or when the projector has completed its warmup process, and the power indicator has stopped flashing. [<-]

5. The time it took the projector to shut down completely (i.e., the power indicator must not be flashing, and the fan must not be spinning). [<-]