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Lian Li PC-P50R review

The Dragon's Lair - Lian Li PC-P50R

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Enter the Red Dragon

When hunting for a suitable computer casing, three important considerations come to mind: looks, size and ease of use. For casing manufacturers, looks and size are problems that are relatively easy to handle. Add in funky LED lights to up the cool factor and include some motifs, and the casing will look much spiffier. For size, simply build them big. Making the casing easy to use, however, is much more difficult to tackle.

A casing that is easy to use is one that users can readily install their motherboards and system components with as little hassle as possible. And unlike size, time and effort are required during the initial case design and planning phase to ensure the final product has a clever, user-friendly design.

Few companies have as much know-how as Taiwanese casing specialists Lian Li. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Lian Li is easily one of the foremost brands in aluminum computer casings and their latest offering has come in the form of the fiery-red Armorsuit PC-P50-R. One of the unique things about the new Armorsuit PC-P50R is that it can be setup without the use of a single tool. Join us then as we find out if this is indeed possible.