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Sapphire HD 4870 Toxic Edition (1GB) review

Don't You Know I'm Toxic? - Sapphire HD 4870 1GB Toxic Edition

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The Sapphire HD 4870 1GB Toxic Edition

The Sapphire HD 4870 1GB Toxic Edition

Sapphire is one of ATI's largest partners in the world and is presently one of the few graphics card vendors still loyal to a single platform. Previously, the Sapphire HD 4870 Toxic Edition was only available with 512MB of video memory, which is insufficient should you choose to crank up the game settings. This new 1GB variant that we have here is a recent release and aims to rectify the shortcomings of its 512MB sibling.

Apart from the additional video memory, the highlight of the card has to be its Vapor-X cooler. Unlike usual coolers, Sapphire utilized a vapor chamber technology (VCT) based heatsink in conjunction with three large heat pipes and a large 80mm fan, which in theory suggests one of the best cooling implementations. What's special in a VCT based heatsink is where the bottom of the heatsink that makes contact with the heat source (the GPU) is capable of extremely speedy heat transfers to the adjacent cooling mediums due to a vacuum chamber within the heatsink that utilizes a liquid-vapor heat transfer. To get a better visual idea, you might want to refer to this external link . When it was running in our lab, there was nary a sound to be heard. In fact, we would even say that this cooler is quieter even than HIS' incredible IceQ 4+ Turbo. That's saying something. But does it really work? Read on to find out.

This was what the Sapphire HD 4870 Toxic Edition came with:

  • Driver CD
  • Quick installation guide
  • A copy of 3DMark Vantage Advanced Edition
  • A copy of CyberLink PowerDVD OEM version
  • A copy of CyberLink DVD Suite OEM version
  • A copy of Ruby ROM
  • 1 x DVI to HDMI adapter
  • 1 x DVI to VGA adapter
  • 2 x Molex to 6-pin PCIe power connector
  • 1 x S-Video cable
  • 1 x S-Video to Composite adapter
  • 1 x CrossFire bridge