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Dell XPS M1730 review

Dell XPS M1730 Notebook (Intel Santa Rosa)

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Dell XPS M1730 Notebook

The Dell XPS M1730 desktop replacement (DTR) notebook was launched with great fanfare and met with universal excitement among some gamers when it was announced that there would be versions customized with World of Warcraft (WoW) decals and wallpapers specially designed for the system. The WoW fanatics from the Hardware Zone team had a range of different reactions, from being excited on hearing the news to having a "been there done that" response. However, one thing we all had in common soon after was our jaw-dropping reaction when the pricing for our XPS M1730 notebook monster was revealed to be a whopping S$8,777.

Specifications-wise, the XPS M1730 like all Dell computers, can be heavily customized to suit your needs when you make your order. Expectantly, Dell shipped us a review unit that came loaded with all the bells, whistles and latest parts that the XPS M1730 can support, some of which aren't even available as options on the Dell Store yet, so it is something to look forward to. Gamers willing to shell out the cash will definitely be getting their money's worth in hardware and as an added bonus, the XPS M1730 will be more 'portable' as compared to your heavily modded desktop gaming rig. Of course, users shouldn't be expecting desktop GeForce 8800 GTX class performance, as that's not yet possible even in these DTR form-factors, but as far as notebooks go, the XPS M1730 will still get you some pretty awesome performance. Here are some profile shots of it before we summarize the notebook's specs below:-