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Dell XPS 15z (Intel Core i5-2410M) review

Dell XPS 15z - Putting The “P” In Premium

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Good design
Use of premium materials
Back-lit keyboard
Cramped keyboard
Small trackpad
Shallow keys

Putting The “P” In Premium

Putting The “P” In Premium

There is a new shift in notebook design, and we can smell it. Using the well-honed art of superficial electronic ogling we have pin-pointed the 15.6-inch Dell XPS 15z’s exact source of inspiration -- the MacBook Pro. How do we know for sure? Well it gathered the same sort of oohs and aahs usually reserved for all things clad in aluminium. Impressive its looks may be, unfortunately a MacBook Pro it is not. But you have to give it to Dell, who introduced the exceptional Dell XPS 15 to us early this year.

The Dell XPS 15 was one of the better full HD resolution equipped 15.6-inch notebooks we have come across, and the enhanced Dell XPS 15z (our test unit was sporting a Core i5-2410M, 2.30GHz processor) is supposed to be even better (here's the full specs list). In some ways, that may be true. Its round curves and wholly metal body gives the machine a very solid feel. It seems to us as though all existence of plastic has been purged from the exterior, lending a regal air to the XPS 15z (just like the MacBook Pro).

At the back of the machine, is the ventilation grille, which is nothing like what you have ever seen before. Instead of just using the usual (and boring) straight lines, Dell opted to exercise some creativity, with the end result being a grille pattern that looks rather alien in origin. For us, it was refreshing to see manufacturers try something new once in awhile.