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Dell Vostro 320 AIO review

Dell Vostro 320 AIO - Space Saver

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A Shiny Black Shell

A Shiny Black Shell

Clad in shiny piano black gloss, the Dell Vostro 320 looks pretty sexy despite its chubby rear. Thankfully you won't have to touch the computer too much, so fingerprints are the least of our worries. The matte screen of the unit also means you won't have to worry about reflective screens disrupting your viewing experience by including "extra stuff" like your reflection when you stare at the screen.

Located at the rear are the standard slew of connectivity options, including a VGA output and 3 USB 2.0 ports. To the sides are your normal audio jacks, card readers and an optical drive. Audio was slightly muffled from the front, as the speakers are placed at the rear. Generally though, everything seems to be nicely placed and thought out for easy access, so we have no complaints on its overall design.