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Dell Vostro 320 AIO review

Dell Vostro 320 AIO - Space Saver

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Vostro for the Office

Vostro for the Office

Feeling hemmed in at work thanks to the intimidating four walls of your cube and that terribly small office desk? Well, Dell has the solution in the form of the space saving Dell Vostro 320 AIO. This shiny black 19-inch machine promises to be the savior for your clutter, and while it does look slightly chubby around the back, we're sure it has a smaller footprint than the regular desktop tower solution. Of course, if you're already using a tiny small form factor (SFF) machine, then the Vostro won't be an improvement space-wise, though it could be a step up aesthetically.

There are no excessive cables with the Vostro 320 - just plug in the mouse, keyboard and power cord and you're done. There's even a VESA mount option at the back to get the Vostro hanging up where your neck feels comfortable. The Vostro weighs at a relatively light 6.5kg, so there shouldn't be any problem lugging it around. So, let's get started with the basic specifications of its hardware before we delve further: