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Dell Studio XPS 1640 review

Dell Studio XPS 1640 - The Sweet Sixteen

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Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Make no mistaken assumptions here; Dell knows exactly what it's doing by combining the XPS and Studio brands that they have combined together for their latest notebook, the 16-inch Dell Studio XPS 1640. After all, while the XPS brand was well known to gamers, the stylish Studio brand is relatively new to the consumer market having just launched in June 2008. As such, it makes complete sense to promote the Studio branding by giving gamers an incentive to get one as well. What better way to get some recognition for the new brand than to take the pretty and sexy designs of the Studio brand and throw in the performance of the XPS brand?

So let's start with appearances. The Studio XPS 1640 is certainly sexy enough, though not as pretty as it should be. The choice of going with three different textures for the covering of the notebook does leave us slightly puzzled and here's why: the notebook uses leather for the bottom grip, a matte silver finish on some parts at the top and edges while settling on a black glossy finish for the rest of the notebook. The matte silver shows off the unit's XPS roots while the glossy finish is pure Studio. We're aren't too sure where the leather grip came from, but we're guessing it's more to do with giving the unit a better grip for times where you need to move the unit around.

We'll talk more about the insides on the next page, but for now, here are the pictures of the exterior and our usual table of specifications:-