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Dell Alienware m15x review

Dell Alienware m15x - Aliens Beware!

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Overall rating 9/10
Top-notch Performance
Very Expensive

Aliens Be Here

Aliens Be Here

While the exterior of the m15x may seem a little bulky and over the top, its interior keeps it simple and clean. Sure, the blue LED lights may not be that tasteful, but it is Alienware we're talking about, and what's an Alienware machine without any LED lights? Definitely not one, that's for sure.

Although you may be paying big bucks for this unit, know that you'll be getting top of the line stuff like a Full HD 15-inch screen. While most 15-inch screens tend to stick to a lower 1280 x 800 pixels resolution or less, the m15x goes for the kill with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Shame about the reflective panel though, but it's more or less expected for most consumer notebooks these days even though we've come to dread the inevitable and very visible fingerprint smudges.

The m15x presents a clean layout that does away with the many buttons found on most laptops. Instead, you'll just be greeted by an Alien head that acts as the power button, the keyboard and the trackpad. The other buttons are hidden but activated via touch as you'll see in the pictures below. For the most part though, the keyboard was definitely a pleasure to type on, responsive and 'clacky' without being too loud. The touchpad was responsive and tracked our finger movement smoothly. Though if you're a gamer and looking for frags, you would best stick with a mouse for obvious reasons.