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Dell Adamo review

Dell Adamo - to Fall in Love?

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'Tis Not Hard to Fall in Love

'Tis Not Hard to Fall in Love

Fans of the new Battlestar Galactica be warned, the Dell Adamo isn't really named after the crusty yet solid commander that you so loved and admired despite some odd coincidental similarities. Instead, transfer your affection and be prepared to fall in love all over again with the Adamo (which is Latin for "to fall in love") as this gorgeous unibody aluminum notebook makes its way into your hearts.

Be warned folks, it's really love at first sight when you first set your eyes on this notebook. Its sleek profile coupled with soft delicious curves had us all but drooling, while the solid aluminum build only serves to reinforce the feel of the notebook that the Adamo isn't a machine that would break anytime.

As the first notebook from Dell to target the luxury market, Dell has spared no effort in making the Adamo something to lust after. If there's a better designed notebook from Dell, well we've yet to see it. Before we assess it in detail, enjoy these exterior shots of the gorgeous Adamo and scope out its specifications in the table below:-