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Vox BlackBox NAS review

Data For All - The Vox BlackBox NAS

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Basic but Competent

On the whole, given its lack of additional features, the BlackBox does reasonably well as a basic NAS. While it's not the best NAS you can get for the home user, it does what it was meant to do reasonably well. We believe that the slower processor onboard the BlackBox, as compared to the other NAS in our comparison is the main reason for its relatively mediocre performance. You can also check out the NAS shootout in the October issue of HWM for those more powerful (and more costly) NAS available.

Overall, we have to say that the BlackBox is good value for money. It comes right out of the box with two 500GB SATA hard drives, and retails for only US$299. Sadly, we've yet to discover a local reseller for these devices, but they can be found online from various online retailers. For a no-frills solution at an entry level price, the BlackBox is the answer.