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Cubitek Mini-Tank review

Cubitek Mini-Tank - Miniature Collossus

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Able to accommodate large graphics cards and CPU coolers
Sufficient cooling fans
Large motherboard tray area
Poor position of HDD cage
Side panel access and design could be better


Interesting but Flawed...

In general, the Cubitek Mini Tank is an interesting concept that we think will be a hit with LAN party enthusiasts who want to a build a relatively portable gaming rig to bring around. In theory, it has all the things that an enthusiast would want from a casing, but built into a compact enough form factor to be lugged around for LAN parties. However, in practice, we found that it has its fair share of quibbles that prevented us from giving our whole-hearted recommendation.

Perhaps the two most glaring annoyances we have with the Mini Tank is the fact that while there’s sufficient length for large graphics cards, there’s not enough width. The HDD cage behind gets in the way, especially with larger graphics cards with backplates. The other thing that annoyed us has to do with the HDD cage again, and this time it’s because it’s too close to the PSU bay. This means that while the PSU bay is long enough for large PSUs, you still have to factor in space that it required for the various power cables.

Considering that the Mini Tank is already large by Mini-ITX standards, why not just make it that little bit larger to position the HDD cage in such a way that is less obtrusive? Or for that matter, be able to house a mATX motherboard since this is not a petite case we're talking about.


Furthermore, the Cubitek Mini Tank is not exactly what you’d call affordable, bearing in mind its asking price of US$145, which reaffirms the case of aluminum-made chassis commanding a premium.

All in all, the Mini Tank is a decidedly niche casing designed for enthusiasts and gamers who are also hardcore LAN party-goers. Compared to desktop replacement notebooks, which offer little in the way of upgradability, the Mini Tank is a more interesting proposition, since the components inside can be easily upgraded, provided you are willing to overlook its various quirks.