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MSI Big Bang-Trinergy review

Creating a Bang - MSI Trinergy P55 Motherboard Preview

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Exploring the Big Bang Trinergy

Exploring the Big Bang Trinergy

Besides those new features highlighted, the rest of the Trinergy is very similar to what you'll find on the MSI P55-GD80, with the same features and even a similar layout. The OC Genie feature, LED power phase indicator, the voltage check points and the thicker heat pipes used for the cooling system are exactly as they are in the P55-GD80. Considering that we have such praise for the GD80, it's probably a good thing. MSI has also boosted this Trinergy in terms of storage options, with more SATA and eSATA options than the P55-GD80.

First Impressions

When we heard that MSI was sending us the Big Bang motherboard, we had high hopes that the Hydra powered Fuzion was on the way. Unfortunately, we got the Trinergy, which we had to admit had gone under our radar. It's looking like quite the luxury upgrade over MSI's own very competent P55-GD80 and brings it to the level of a high-end X58 motherboard (except for the processor socket support of course).

With MSI quoting a price tag of US$350, the Trinergy certainly belongs among the X58 boards and it is much more expensive than its P55 peers, with the closest being eVGA's similarly capable 3-way SLI board. The generous dose of extras on this board makes it more costly and at the same time brings both longer lifespan and greater power efficiency along with even more enthusiast friendly features. We just aren't too convinced yet that all this is worth more than US$100 premium over a typical P55 motherboard. In fact, at those prices, you can get a pretty powerful X58 class motherboard so it's really a matter of preference and needs.