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Cooler Master V6GT CPU Cooler review

Cooler Master V6GT CPU Cooler - Six for the Road

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Supports many different CPU sockets
Decent cooling performance
Installation can be a hassle
Heatsink fans could be more quiet

Introduction & Installation

Six for the Road

When one thinks of motoring enthusiasts, with their souped up cars, it's not too far removed from PC enthusiasts, with their modded and overclocked rigs. You could argue that car enthusiasts are the granddaddy of today's PC modders. This probably explains why PC vendors have often christened their products with names and phrases that originate from the motoring industry.

Cooler Master knows all about this, with its V8 and V10 series of air-cooled CPU coolers that are intended to create such an impression. From its description of the product, liberally dotted with terms like "cooling engine" and "horsepower", we are expected to nod our heads and get the reference to V8 engines. The same applies for its latest CPU cooler, the V6GT, which again associates itself with fast cars.

The V6GT is a follow-up to the V6; the chief difference (that we could discern) is an additional LED strip on the V6GT, which comes in three colors of red, blue or purple. Pressing the Cooler Master logo/button at the top will switch the LED color. Besides this, we scrutinized the specs listing for both the V6 and the V6GT and they seem identical.

The V6GT has a copper base heatsink with six heat-pipes extending out and into the array of aluminum fins (hence the V6 designation), with two 120mm fans on either side of the fins.