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Cooler Master Storm Enforcer review

Cooler Master Storm Enforcer - A Mid-tower Refresh

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Excellent build quality
USB 3.0 compatibility
Dedicated drive bays for 2.5-inch SSDs
Configurable drive cage layout
Cannot accommodate 12-inch graphics card in default configuration
Slightly pricey


Mid-tower Refresh

In our earlier Budget Casing Shootout, we found that budget, entry-level mid-tower casings have improved tremendously. In the past, features like cut outs for easy CPU cooler installation and tool-less HDD installation racks could only be found on the high tier casings, but this is no longer the case. So how does the CM Storm Enforcer cut it in today’s highly competitive arena?

Fortunately, despite its premium pricing, the CM Storm Enforcer easily held its own when compared to the budget casings we reviewed earlier. No doubt entry-level casings are feature-packed these days, but the Enforcer clearly differentiates itself from the competition with some nice touches. USB 3.0 compatibility is much welcomed, as are the dedicated drive bays for 2.5-inch drives, which will make it easier for users to install faster SSDs.

Furthermore, the overall build quality of the Enforcer easily surpasses that of the budget casings. The Enforcer looks and feels solidly put together and successfully conveys a sense that it is a premium product, which is nothing less than we would expect from a product from Cooler Master’s CM Storm series.

The only main disappointment is that the casing is unable to accommodate larger cards like the new Radeon HD 6990 and GeForce GTX 590 without making modifications to the hard drive cage. But we are nitpicking really, because this is to be expected from a mid-tower casing, since none we have tested so far can accommodate these super-huge cards anyway.

Locally, the new CM Storm Enforcer will retail for S$169, which is just about the same as the older CM Storm Sniper, and is a reasonable price for a casing of this caliber. Build quality is top notch and it has a host of useful features that are both useful and enticing, especially if you are embarking on building a new system with the latest AMD and Intel chipsets.

To sum up, the CM Storm Enforcer is a decent refresh from Cooler Master. It adds new features such as USB 3.0 ports and dedicated 2.5-inch drive bays, which should please new system builders, and the overall construction and user-friendliness of the casing is excellent. If you are willing to splash the cash on a top notch mid-tower, the Enforcer should be high on your shopping list.