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Cooler Master Mystique 631 Casing review

Cooler Master Mystique 631 Casing

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Mystery Debutant

With a name like Mystique, there's a lot that Cooler Master's latest series of casings have to live up to. Taken literally from its marketing spiel, this new chassis is described variously as 'fascinating' and 'mysterious' and the vendor's purple packaging further glorifies it up by jazzing the front blue LED with a starry gleam. This new aluminum mid tower bears the hallmarks of Cooler Master's usual user-friendly design. One of its more prominently advertised feature, or as Cooler Master puts it aptly - "One Case, Two Faces" - includes the interchangeable orientation of the front door, meaning that it can swing open either left or right with some minor manual adjustments. While that may be useful for some users who can't stand the default orientation, we feel that most users (right-handed ones especially) would probably leave it alone. However, it does make for a catchy marketing slogan.

So what else can you expect from this spanking new aluminum chassis from Cooler Master? We received a black version of the Mystique 631 (there's also a silver version) recently so here's a glimpse of this lightweight casing.