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Cooler Master ITower 930 review

Cooler Master ITower 930 Casing

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There aren't too many workstation class casings in the retail market, for obvious reasons. Big companies usually depend on branded vendors for complete server solutions that span the hardware to the software and most importantly, include technical support. They are unlikely to build their own servers from scratch. Even smaller firms have found it more cost effective to get a small office server from Dell or HP rather than go the DIY route. It is a matter of both convenience and technical expertise. Therefore, it's no wonder that there are very few casings in the retail market that are oriented towards the workstation segment.

Into this rarefied market, we now find a new entry from the ever prolific Cooler Master. With a front, hot swappable hard drive (SATA 3Gbp/s compliant) compartment together with support for server motherboards and power supply units, the ITower 930 casing seems to have all the prerequisite workstation credentials for this niche category. Does it really have what it takes to survive the rigorous demands on stability and performance? You'll know our take on it soon enough, so read on.