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Cooler Master HAF 932 (RC-932) review

Cooler Master HAF 932 - High Air Flow!

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Flow Air, Flow!

Flow Air, Flow!

With plenty of mesh to go around, the HAF 932 comes across as a very "airy" chassis, nothing like the enclosed feel of the last few cases that we reviewed. This feeling is reinforced by the three 230mm fans that come with the unit, which by our ears were pretty quiet to boot. Cooler Master has also provided plenty of options to either completely remove or replace the large 230mm fans with smaller fans and has included various water cooling features like a pre-drilled fillport for even more versatility. The only problem we see here with the breezy mesh design are the lack of filters, which if our dire imagination holds true, will result in dust clogged internals due to the amount of air being moved about in the unit via the numerous 230mm fans.

When it comes to its weight, the HAF 932 is surprisingly lighter than what we've expected it to be as it checked out at 13.8kg (net) and 15.4kg (gross). Then again, we're not that surprised, given that the extensive mesh pattern probably does reduce a lot of the weight... But really, it could just be the choice of materials used on Cooler Master's part. There's also an option of adding wheels to the bottom of the unit which are included with the casing that should help you transport the chassis around more easily.