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Cooler Master Cosmos Storm review

Cooler Master Cosmos Storm

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In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

In our recent CES 2008 coverage , we had the opportunity to check out Cooler Master's new Cosmos Storm casing, whose internals looked remarkably similar to the Cosmos 1000 casing that we reviewed last year and which turns out to be an upgraded version of said casing.

The Storm is Cooler Master's latest offering to tap into the lucrative gaming market that has seen an exponential increase in popularity since its days of being the sole domain of the proverbial basement dwelling geeks. These days, public perception of gaming has experienced a dramatic 180° turn thanks to the Wii, which has brokered a great increase in casual gamers and made gaming something the masses can enjoy.

Of course, the Wii playing casual demographics is not what the Storm is for. Instead, there's the old school generation of gamers, who have been gaming on their trusty PCs since the days of Pac-Man, and have since moved on towards a more personalized take of their gaming rigs. As the flagship unit of the new Storm series from Cooler Master, the Cosmos Storm is targeted right at this niche market of hardcore PC gamers and it's easy to see why with its features and good looks.

Seeing as it is the updated version of the previously reviewed Cosmos 1000, we'll be paying close attention to any interesting changes or innovations that may have evolved since then. We already know that the Cosmos 1000 was a joy to set up, so we expect the Cosmos Storm to follow the same footsteps as its predecessor.