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Cooler Master 690 II Plus review

Cooler Master CM 690 II Plus - Back with More Fans

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Overall rating 8/10
Easy to install
Comprehensive ventilation system
External hard disk dock a nice touch
Slightly cramped interior
Some parts difficult to remove

A Familiar Sight - Exterior

A Familiar Sight

On the outset, the new Cooler Master CM 690 II Plus is a familiar sight as it strongly resembles the older CM 690 casing. Similar to its predecessor, the CM 690 II Plus is mishmash of steel, plastic and mostly mesh. In fact, the entire front panel is meshed for optimal ventilation. If you are worried about dust, fret not, because behind each mesh panel is a dust filter. Granted, it's not going to be a foolproof solution, but it's a thoughtful addition and it does help, if only a little.

The CM 690 II Plus comes only in black, and overall, it is not a pretty bad looking casing. It looks slightly more upmarket than the budget casings that we've covered in our previous casing roundup, and it feels extremely solid and sturdy. Ours is the RC-692-KWN1 variant and it comes with a side window panel. The window panel makes the casing look classier, but allows users to only install a single fan as opposed to two on the regular "window-less" version.

Moving along, another thing we noticed about the casing was its considerable weight. Weighing a hefty 9.5kg alone without components installed, it is probably not a good idea for one to place the CM 690 II Plus on a desk.