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MSI Eclipse SLI review

Catching the Eclipse - MSI's X58 Motherboard Previewed

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MSI's X58 Motherboard Previewed

MSI's X58 Motherboard Previewed

Will it Eclipse the competition? With such a name, we bet that when MSI's upcoming X58 motherboard does the review circuit, it's bound to generate such similar headlines among both enthusiasts and reviewers. At the moment though, we can't answer that question yet, since our unit came without an Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) processor. We can however show you some of the features that you can expect to find on the Eclipse, which is targeted at the enthusiast.

As you should know by now, Intel's next generation CPU is almost upon us. We are about a month or so away from the launch of the Core i7, hence in recent weeks, we have first seen the ASUS P6T Deluxe arriving in our lab and now followed by the MSI Eclipse. We have no details about the number of SKUs that will be based on the Eclipse, though knowing motherboard vendors, it's quite likely that they are multiple SKUs for any designs, varying slightly in terms of features.

Meanwhile for our early preview sample, the Eclipse appears to be brimming with all the expected features of the Intel X58 + ICH10R chipset. Obviously, there's a new socket for the larger Core i7, the integration of a triple-channel DDR3 memory controller and Intel's QuickPath Interconnect for greater bandwidth and up to 24GB of DDR3-1333 memory if you so desire.

Additionally, MSI has its own proprietary technologies, ranging from the integrated MOSFETS (DrMOS) to the Green Power feature found in its P45 boards and mentioned in our review here . A new, less elaborate Circu-pipe like heatsink with dual heatpipes is also found. There is even a Creative X-Fi Xtreme audio add-on card instead of the usual onboard audio, which is a clue that this board is anything but mainstream.