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Canon EOS 7D review

Canon EOS 7D - Top of the Class

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New Class, New Features

Besides the minute changes in its layout, the EOS 7D is also equipped with a few upgrades to its features and hardware. Some of it, such as its 1080p video recording, has already become a staple in its recent DSLR entries. Others, like its upgraded viewfinder, make a world of difference when it comes to photography.

Upgraded Viewfinder

The 100% field of view coverage and 1x magnification viewfinder on the 7D is definitely something that most Canon users have been looking for. Up till now, Canon has always been steadfastly sticking to their guns, preferring to offer 100% coverage but only 0.71x to 0.76x magnification. This new development will no doubt set the standards for other new cameras henceforth, which is an excellent piece of news for all.

Transparent Liquid Crystal Focusing Screen

Even the focusing screen on the 7D has undergone a revamp. Focusing screens were previously sold separately, and you had to go down to Canon Service Centres to get it switched. The 7D has the ability to display a variety of information. Want a grid to help you with your framing? No problem, just enable it under 8th menu tab (4th from the right), and voila, instant grid! This is only possible with Canon's new focusing screen, using a transparent liquid crystal panel to display the information you require. Perhaps, in the near future, we can probably customize whatever information we want to see. A customizable HUD, please, Canon?

Video Capabilities

The successes of the 5D Mark II's video capabilities are clearly evident in the 7D. Before the camera was even launched, several professional cinematographers test-drove the 7D's video abilities. A simple search on Google will show a handful for you to have a look. Here's a great example that shows what the 7D is capable of.