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Canon EOS 7D review

Canon EOS 7D - Top of the Class

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Handling the Class

Comparing it to its nearest cousin, the 50D, we realize that there are certainly some significant changes to the button layout.

For starters, the On/Off switch has moved to the top of the camera. While this is certainly no biggie, the 7D does remind Olympus users of its layout; the Olympus DSLRs have the On/Off switch located under the mode dial, similar to the 7D.

The row of buttons at the bottom of the screen has also moved back to its original location by the left of the rear LCD screen. There are also new additions to the layout, including a one-touch button to activate RAW + JPEG file recording (one shot only). Other differences include a M-Fn button location just above the front scroll wheel, similar to the 1D series, where the flash exposure lock (FEL) button is found; as well as a Start/Stop button, integrated with a Live View and Movie shooting switch, above the 8-way joystick.