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Canon EOS 7D review

Canon EOS 7D - Top of the Class

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Canon EOS 7D - Top of the Class

The Canon EOS 7D is by far one of the most anticipated cameras of the year. Ever since the 5D Mark II was launched August last year, there were talks that Canon may just announce another camera of the same caliber as the 5D Mark II which has full frame goodness, excellent noise control at higher ISO values and lower price to attract potential camera buffs to upgrade from their cropped sensor based cameras.

There are some people who are keen to see the dissolution and abandonment of cropped sensors, predicting that the future is in full frame sensors and beyond. If model names were anything to go by, the new 7D would have been a dumbed-down version of the 5D Mark II.

Contrary to Canon's naming convention, however, the 7D uses a cropped sensor and instead reinforces the fact that cropped sensors are here to stay. In other areas, the 7D actually has more features as compared to the 5D Mark II. If we were to classify the 7D with the other cameras, the 7D would be more of a hybrid that lies in between the speedy 1D series and the 5D Mark II, albeit with a 1.6x cropped sensor.

But before we delve further into the camera's build and capabilities, let us first have a look at just what makes the 7D special. An 18MP APS-C (1.6x crop) CMOS sensor along with a 100% field of view and 1x magnification viewfinder, a first for Canon. ISO settings range from 100 to 6400, and are expandable to 12800 (at the H setting), while dual DIGIC 4 processors, similar to the 1D series, is exceptionally important considering the shooting speed and file size of the images taken. You also get 8fps continuous shooting speed, which is on par with the older 1D Mark II N, which can also be seen as a response to the Nikon D700's capabilities. Canon throws in 19 cross-type AF points for better focusing accuracy and spot focusing. Last but not least, you also get 1080p video recording with variable frame rates (30, 25, or 24fps), and 720p recording with variable frame rates (59.94fps or 50fps).