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BlackBerry Bold 9000 review

BlackBerry Bold - Dare to be Different

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Boldly Go Where No Phone Has Gone Before!

The BlackBerry Bold, from what we can see, has definitely made a few lasting impressions for both the BlackBerry fans and those who have found their comfort zone with other devices. In fact, Research In Motion (RIM) has definitely raised its profile with the introduction of their new BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry Bold. Enjoying almost as much hype as the recently launched iPhone 3G , the Bold had even been viewed as one of the stronger contenders versus the iPhone 3G's dominance in the mobile phone segment. Truth is, the Bold has also left a remarkably deep impression on us to the point that we felt obligated to give the Bold the attention it deserves. Thus, join us as we give you a detailed look at RIM's sleekest and possibly its most impressive device to date.