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BitFenix Outlaw review

The BitFenix Outlaw - A Different Take at Entry-level

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Overall rating 8/10
Cavernous interior; can accommodate large graphics cards
Able to install numerous cooling fans
SofTouch surface treatment on front panel
Lots of thumbscrews required to install drives
Bash out expansion slot covers
No dust filters for cooling fans
Only 1 exhaust fan supplied out of the box

External Design

External Design

Aesthetically, the Outlaw is mostly nondescript save for the use of BitFenix’s own SofTouch Surface treatment on the front panel, which gives it a rubbery feel and matte look. It’s a nice touch which makes the casing look and feel more expensive then it really is. And despite being an entry-level casing, the Outlaw also feels sturdy and solid.

The various front panel I/O ports are located on the top panel and the Outlaw gives you four USB 2.0 ports, the standard headphones and microphone jacks, as well as power and reset buttons. USB 3.0 ports would certainly have been better, but considering the entry-level nature and low price of the Outlaw, it’s understandable why they aren’t included.

Over at the rear, the Outlaw is pretty standard fare but with the I/O panel and rear fan switched in position because of the chassis’ inverted motherboard layout. Considering that the PSU is also located at the bottom of the case as has been for many new casings, the entire setup from the rear looks as if the original ATX casing design had been flipped around. We share more about this layout style in the next page. Air-cool options are aplenty on all directions so it's not a concern for the inverted motherboard layout. However, there's only one exhaust fan supplied by default on this casing.