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BitFenix Outlaw review

The BitFenix Outlaw - A Different Take at Entry-level

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Overall rating 8/10
Cavernous interior; can accommodate large graphics cards
Able to install numerous cooling fans
SofTouch surface treatment on front panel
Lots of thumbscrews required to install drives
Bash out expansion slot covers
No dust filters for cooling fans
Only 1 exhaust fan supplied out of the box

Challenging Preconceived Notions

Challenging Preconceived Notions

Considering it was established only in 2010, BitFenix is one of the newest players in the PC hardware industry. But before you think they were started by people who didn’t know better, the main people heading BitFenix were actually on the team that first launched the Cooler Master Storm series of computer chassis.

Their gigantic full tower Colossus casing was the first product from the fledging company that we reviewed and we found it to be an excellent enthusiast grade casing packing lots of features for its price. That particular casing has definitely helped BitFenix make inroads to the casing market in a big way because of its interesting characteristics that garnered media attention such as ourselves. They've since used the advantage gained from the Colossus to launch a series of other casings.

Offering bang for buck seems to be an ongoing theme with BitFenix’s offerings and one of their latest casings is the Outlaw. While the Outlaw is an entry-level casing targeted at budget-conscious users, BitFenix assures, there’s nothing cut-price or entry-level about the features it offers. Amongst its many features, some touted by BitFenix are its special SofTouch Surface treatment, inverted motherboard tray design and abundant cooling options. We spent some time with this relatively new case to bring you opinions of how it fares against other more established options, so head to the next page for more details. The casing's full specifications can be found here.