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BitFenix Colossus review

BitFenix Colossus - Giant Steps

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Excellent cooling options
Dual color LED lighting system
Spacious interior
Solid, tool-free mechanism
Too heavy
Too close fitting at times

Interior Design

Interior Design

Given its colossus size, it's no surprise to find that this casing supports up to the E-ATX form factor that some motherboard vendors are coming up with nowadays. The mounting holes for the motherboard standoffs are labeled properly inside, with a legend and all and it's easy enough to install them at the right locations. Our standard ATX motherboard practically looked tiny when installed in this giant casing.


Cable management is a big thing on the Colossus and there are plenty of holes for users to route their cables behind and out of sight. Obviously, it also helps with casing ventilation as there are no obstructions that retain heat or disrupt the air flow. Speaking of which, the Colossus comes with a huge but relatively slow spinning 230mm fan at the top, the better to suck out the warm air inside the casing. Another similarly huge front fan at the 3.5-inch drive bays pull in cooler air from the outside and should provide more than sufficient cooling for the entire chassis.

The BitFenix Colossus is meant to be tool-free and it satisfied that claim with a number of tool-free mechanisms that are similar enough to its competitors but at the same time, are its own take. Special mention must go to the sturdy tool-free lock for the eight expansion slots, each of which clanged shut onto our graphics card with such force that it could take our fingers off. Yes, we are exaggerating a little here but it's indeed one of the most solid tool-free locks we have seen on a chassis. And BitFenix even included special cable ties to secure your expansion cards, just in case.

The optical drive bay tool-free mechanism meanwhile was just bewildering. It was a one-button locking design that didn't make itself sufficiently clear whether the drive was secure or not.

By now, you would expect the installation on this chassis to be a breeze, but unfortunately, it wasn't the case. First, this casing appeared to have been engineered to very exact dimensions. We had to force our optical drive though the 5.25-inch drive bay with brute strength because apparently, the slot was built with so little allowance that it was a very tight fit. We were wondering if there was some unknown obstacle in the way until we gave up and just forced it in. The same applied for one of the side panel, which fit so well into its groove that it was extremely hard to take out. In the end, brute force again turned out to be the solution.

No doubt, it made for a very close, tight fit with no visible gaps, but it made the task much harder. Everything was compounded by the sheer bulk and weight of the Colossus, which made moving it literally a backbreaking endeavor. In short, we liked the design and the ample space, yet ironically the weight and the close fitting nature of this casing led to some frustration during installation.