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BitFenix Colossus review

BitFenix Colossus - Giant Steps

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Excellent cooling options
Dual color LED lighting system
Spacious interior
Solid, tool-free mechanism
Too heavy
Too close fitting at times

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Made with SECC steel and ABS plastic, the sheer size of the Colossus means that this is a real heavyweight, coming in at around 16kg when empty. Add in its bulky size and this isn't a casing that you will want to lug around. In fact, even the side panels of the Colossus is heavier than you would expect, thanks to the LED lighting system embedded within the panels that runs across the exterior. It's an impressive looking design, with the choice of either blue or red LED lighting, the better to complement the casing, which comes in black or white.

While the surface of the Colossus is predominantly plastic, BitFenix has added a rubbery layer to it that gives it a smooth, matte like texture. It's hard to describe exactly how it felt but it was cool to the touch and appeared to resist scratches. The casing is slightly elevated from the ground with four stands and it's hard to imagine it falling over due to its weight and inertia. Stability is not an issue here, unlike some aluminum casings where the power supply unit anchors the system.

As BitFenix mentions, the presence of a secure compartment, known as S3, is one of the main highlights of the Colossus. A key is required to unlock this compartment, under which one finds the power, reset buttons and the front panel ports, including support for USB 3.0 ports. The compartment itself is cozy enough that one can only store items below a certain size, though your wallet and keys should fit the bill if you need to go away from your desk for a while.

Another unique touch from BitFenix is the way the Colossus is designed such that one can route cables from the S3 compartment down and along the sides of the front facade and then onto your desk. If you have the PC on the desk like some, then you can effectively route the cable of your mouse for instance from the front USB panel where it is presumably connected, using the existing grooves in the casing and then onto the desk. For those who are obsessed with having everything neat and tidy, BitFenix offers the next step in cable management.