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BitFenix Colossus review

BitFenix Colossus - Giant Steps

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Excellent cooling options
Dual color LED lighting system
Spacious interior
Solid, tool-free mechanism
Too heavy
Too close fitting at times



If BitFenix had hoped to make a splash in the chassis scene, the Colossus will create quite a stir. Appealing to the enthusiast segment, particularly the gamers with its emphasis on features and performance, not to mention the dual color LED lights, the Colossus has some very unique characteristics that bodes well for the company and brand.

The distinctive LED light system is certainly something that not all of its competitors have. It does have a downside of making the side panels truly heavy and we won't like to imagine accidents involving bruised fingers if you happen to slip and have one of these panels land on your fingers. The other strength is its extensive cable management options. From the interior, with the numerous holes and nooks for routing your cable, to the rather special grooves at the front of the chassis to manage your peripherals' cables, it's clear that this is something BitFenix is focused on.

Next, the cooling options are plentiful, with two large 230mm fans pre-installed and options for more. To us, those two huge fans are sufficient, though gamers with more powerful systems with multiple graphics cards may disagree. The fan controller at the top allows the user to control all the fans from a single point, another plus.

BitFenix's take on tool-free mechanisms are also very interesting to say the least. While the expansion cards appear a shoo-in for being the most impressive we have seen, the drive bay version takes home the award for being rather vague. Or maybe the fact that we didn't find a user manual with our casing made it harder for us. Finally, the biggest drawback that we could discern could be a positive one in another's book. That's the sheer weight of this steel and plastic behemoth. It simply drags down this casing, making it more difficult to install, including tight fitting components that were resistant to being removed. It also makes it impossible to utilize this casing in any way for a LAN setup, ruling it out of the contention for traveling gamers.

BitFenix did have its price right though. At around US$160, the Colossus is pretty good value for what it has and enthusiast full tower casings are never cheap. For a company making its debut, the Colossus strikes the right note between price, performance and design.