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DFI LANParty DK P55-T3eH9 review

The BIOS Resurrector - DFI P55-T3eH9 (Intel P55)

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It's still early days yet since the launch of Intel's new mainstream Lynnfield processors and the LGA1156 motherboards that support it. So far, we have no proper sales figures from retail channels on how they have done but judging from the numerous models released by motherboard vendors, they are as optimistic as us when it comes to demand.

In fact, we expect the Intel P55 and a Lynnfield Core i7/i5 processor to have a healthy adoption rate, with most PC vendors refreshing their lineups recently with these processors to coincide with Windows 7. The next year will see even more LGA1156 processors from Intel, with dual-cores joining the fray and lowering the entry cost.

This is why it's probably a good thing that there's much choice in the motherboard market. DFI is the latest vendor to send us its P55 motherboard and there are certainly some new features on this board that's worth taking a look, notably BIOSecure that allows one to update the BIOS via another system, something that we first saw this June at Computex.