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BenQ V2410 LED Monitor review

BenQ V2410: Back In Black

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Overall rating 8/10
Affordable 24-inch display
Decent performance for its price
Unadjustable height
Tricky balance between blacks and finer details

BenQ V2410 - Introduction

It's Black, It's Bright, But Is It Better?

Looking at the LCD display arena, it's apparent that 24-inch monitors are fast gaining traction over the smaller de-facto sizes, like the 22-inch brethren for instance. Some might say a native 1680 by 1050 resolution isn't enough to maximize Full-HD clips, whilst others might prefer to work on a larger screen real estate. So why not pay just a little more for a bigger, wider 1920 by 1080 display? On top of that, consumers are also more conscious about their carbon footprint these days where eco-friendly priorities are almost as important as a product's performance quotient. Say, hello to LED backlights. Put all of them together and you'd have BenQ's 24-inch V2410, ready to answer that call. 

To add, BenQ is touting a 36 percent power reduction with the V2410 compared to traditional CCFL tubes based LCD screens. A move largely in line with the current LED backlighting trend spearheaded by the likes of Samsung, ASUS and LG in the LCD domain. On another note, you might notice that there's little to tell apart the V2410 from the earlier V2400 Eco model, on paper at least. What BenQ has done, essentially, is to change the V2400's dress code from white to black while leaving the internal specs mostly untouched. If you're wondering why, well, the Taiwanese manufacturer decided it's time to refurbish a 'darker' model to please their clientele. According to BenQ, black is their preferred color of choice over white instead. Yes, it appears the customers have spoken. For now, let's check out the V2410's aesthetics before we determine if the monitor truly delivers a "flicker-free performance" as promised.