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BenQ 24-inch G2400W Widescreen LCD review

BenQ 24-inch G2400W Widescreen LCD

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Designer Black

Designer Black

As usual, BenQ's design aesthetics are very clean and simple. The G series of monitors have always had a similar sort of design and the G2400W takes the same design concepts and clothes it all in black for a very sleek and svelte look. The only complaint we have of the design is the location of the menu/control buttons, which are placed at the bottom of the panel and are really little more than tiny nubs. To make matters worse, the inscriptions of the buttons on the monitor bezel are hard to discern on the black surface, making navigating the OSD a nightmare. These concerns could take the user some time to getting used to, but the fact that these design problems were already mentioned in our earlier reviews three years back is disappointing that they've not improved since then. That aside, we run you through the rest of the monitor's aspects in our following pictorial:-