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BenQ 24-inch G2400W Widescreen LCD review

BenQ 24-inch G2400W Widescreen LCD

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Big Is Getting Cheaper

Big Is Getting Cheaper

As 19-inch widescreen LCDs dip in price, they are almost approaching mass-market product status as have 17-inch LCDs and are ideal for consumers with lower budgets. Not to forget that the 22-inch monitors too are slowly but steadily declining in prices, some of the more zealous consumers have developed a fetish for larger screen realty and have started sinking their ever eager teeth into even 24-inch and larger widescreen LCDs. After all, the usual trend is when a product segment's price starts to shift, so will the others.

Realizing this trend, manufacturers too have started getting into the act, releasing lower cost and more mainstream performance spec'd 24-inch monitors to tap into this growing market. While the premium ones do still cost a lot and come with enhanced functionality and better panel specifications, the cheaper models sometimes do sport decent features that will leave you impressed for their price tag.

Case in point here is the BenQ G2400W that we are reviewing and despite its average run-of-the-mill performance specifications, it comes with a HDMI port in addition to the normal D-sub and DVI ports. Retailing at S$699, the G2400W seems like a good bargain, and it is, though to be fair, the LG L246WH, which retails at the same price, also has similar specifications but with better contrast ratio specs. The Philips 240BW8EB which also has similar specifications as the BenQ G2400W but retails at a higher S$799 and lacks a HDMI port, thus making both LG and BenQ models more worth it. Perhaps the after sales support policies could make up for the differences, but that's quite subjective. Lastly, BenQ has a good reputation for affordable quality monitors, so we will see if this proves true during our testing.